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Professional Pavement Services

Pavement Maintenance Services Using Sealcoating in Milford, New Jersey

Commercial & Residential Sealcoating Applications

We Repair All Asphalt Surfaces With Sealcoat Added to protect your driveway, road or parking lot.

• Pothole Repair
• Asphalt Repair
• Hot Tar Crack Repair
• Rubberized Epoxy Latex

JWS Superior Sealcoating owner supervises at all job sites. Services your premium grade Sealcoating proposed will include are:
The edges of your pavement will be power trimmed of all over hanging grass.

Pothole Repairs: 

Removal of all loose debris from the pothole and apply industrial grade cold asphalt patch with a propane torch and compacting unit set firm. Once all the above steps are completed,we can start the Sealcoating process.

Sealcoating Application

Our premium sealcoating application service will include your application to be done completely by brush. We will Sealcoating the entire pavement surface with one coat of our premium custom blended seal master,coal tar emulsion sealer.

What makes our premium sealer so good is our ability to blend,in our state of the art mixing unit. Rubberized epoxy latex, which provides the sealer with added flexibility and a rich black color upon drying,and up 2 pounds of sand per gallon of sealer for added traction and durability.

Eco Friendly

Our premium sealer is environmentally friendly.Once the Sealcoating of your pavement is completed,we will install wooden stakes and a barricade of caution tape,which should be left in place for minimum 36-48hours.

When you remove the barricade and drive onto the new surface,remember to be gentle with your steering.Sharp turning may leave some tire marks on the new surface that will dissipate over time.

All materials used by JWS Superior Sealcoating meet every federal and state specification for use in our line of work.We stand 100 percent behind our workmanship.

Some driveways are 1 to 2 year warranties.If you have any questions about our Sealcoating application we are only a phone call away.

The Result From Sealcoating

The darkest, most durable, longest lasting, nonskid surface ever applied to the pavement.

We strive for customer satisfaction thank you and we appreciate your business.

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